Expert Colliers Vietnam: The supply of “dripping” townhouses in Binh Duong makes the...

According to Ms. Nguyen Yen, Head of Housing Colliers Vietnam, currently, the supply of townhouses in Binh Duong area is not much. In fact, in 1/2021, Binh Duong supplied the market with about 1,900 apartments, accounting for 54% of the total new supply of this segment to Ho Chi Minh City and neighboring provinces. Meanwhile, the supply of new townhouses has been "dripped" into the Binh Duong market.

Indeed, in the existing townhouse segment in Binh Duong, only a few new projects appear. For example, in Tan Uyen, An Gia's The Standard project is offering for sale with 374 units, including townhouses and commercial townhouses in isolated areas. The selling price of townhouses is about 5 billion VND / unit. Or, in Di An City, there is the Cité D'amour townhouse project with the scale of 77 units being announced at the price of 4.5 -5 billion VND / unit.

Previously, in this area, there was only a relatively "drip" supply in some townhouse projects such as Victory City, Hana Garden Mall, Uni Mall Center, Casa Mall, Binh Duong Avenue City, The Eden City. Currently, these projects have reached the price threshold of 6-7 billion VND / unit, an increase of 30-50% compared to a few years ago.

According to Nguyen Yen, the scarcity of supply has made the selling price of the townhouse segment skyrocketing in recent years. The average transaction price in projects invested "methodically" ranged from 5 to 7 billion / unit and increased about 30-50% compared to a few years ago. According to a survey, a townhouse project in Binh Duong, the price of phase 2 opened for sale has increased at least 300 million VND / unit compared with the first phase opened for sale at the end of 2020. Due to the scarcity of new supply, while demand The demand is high, making townhouse projects present in Binh Duong at this time become a rare commodity to be hunted.

"The price growth in some parts of Binh Duong is considered to be relatively reasonable, quite true to the actual demand. The residents in Ho Chi Minh City tend to expand to the suburbs with the development of the premises. In addition, Binh Duong is considered an industrial hotspot to attract FDI in the South, this trend is forecasted to increase strongly in the future due to infrastructure. Therefore, the real estate market in general and housing in particular will continue to develop in Binh Duong in the coming period ", emphasized Ms. Nguyen Yen.

Assessing the supply and demand in Binh Duong townhouse segment in the coming time, a representative of Colliers Vietnam said that it is expected that the demand for townhouses in Binh Duong in the coming period will increase with the development. of industry in Binh Duong. In addition, the orientation of expanding the population to the suburbs of Ho Chi Minh City and the development of transport infrastructure in the coming time will also accelerate the urbanization rate in Binh Duong, especially the areas bordering Ho Chi Minh City. . The development of infrastructure has also increased the land fund suitable for townhouse project development. However, a successful townhouse project depends heavily on the developer's plan of developing social facilities and the proper planning of the project developer.

Factors investors note when "down money" to buy townhouses

According to Ms. Nguyen Yen, townhouse prices in Binh Duong will not be as high as in Ho Chi Minh City - the major economic center of the South. The fact that Ho Chi Minh City is a dynamic urban area with developed infrastructure and diverse utilities makes real estate values ​​here have great value. The city has a faster urbanization rate, so the demand for housing is also higher.

It is difficult to compare real estate price growth of 3 segments: townhouses, apartments and land plots due to the different properties of each type of property. In fact, in addition to the value of townhouses that are always stable, increasing steadily over time, this type of real estate also has the ability to generate stable cash flow with great value through renting premises or doing business. Meanwhile, investment in apartments and land plots can often be profitable based on price fluctuations at different times.

To really attract investors, townhouse projects need to be developed into urban areas with modern infrastructure, full of living facilities for residents. From there, increase the demand for real housing here and bring sustainable development, commitment to profit for investors. Factors to attract investors include.

Firstly , project developers need to be reputable units, capable of building projects into a complete ecosystem with a high quality of life to create the foundation for the sustainable development of the region. . In addition, the sales policy and attractive payment support packages are also interested by investors.

Second, the full internal facilities that satisfy the entertainment and shopping needs of the people living in the project area are always the deciding factor for the value of the real estate. Today, the "greening" urban areas are also a big trend, increasing the attractiveness to attract residents to live.

Third , the high quality of services provided by social facilities ... such as schools, hospitals ... helps to improve the human development index in these projects and turn the urban area into an attractive living environment. .

Fourth, the beautiful location and developed transport infrastructure help residents easily move to workplaces, airports ... are also factors to attract real people and investors.

Fifth, the ability to lease premises and bring in a large and stable monthly cash flow is also considered an attractive profit for investors.

Ms. Nguyen Yen emphasized that the potential to develop the townhouse segment in Binh Duong is still large as the general housing demand will continue to increase in the future, especially with detached townhouses projects. Thu Duc city was established with the development of regional transport infrastructure, making the real housing demand in Binh Duong increase. In addition, the industrial development also led to growth in the housing market.

In fact, the industrial development and the vibrant economic pace in the vicinity of Binh Duong will attract knowledge and high-income human resources to this area to live. Therefore, the addition of real estate products in townhouses, villas, ... to diversify the housing supply is also urgent. Currently, the development of infrastructure in Binh Duong has a clear orientation, which will lead to the expansion of the land fund with a beautiful location, sufficient conditions to develop into a townhouse project in the future.