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Normally, you will have to pay 10%-15% of the purchase price.

No, real estate agents claim commission fees from the property owners only. If buying brand new properties directly from a developer, they will take care of all the administration work.

Yes you can. The bank will require the original notarised Sales Purchase Agreement or ownership document, notarised lease agreement and notarised tax payment receipts as landlords are required to pay 10% tax on monthly rental received. Bank will charge transfer fees.

No, we provide free of charge home findings. We only charge when clients request for a detailed relocation package (area orientation, school search, home findings) and other services such as visa immigrations or adhoc services.

Yes, if the tenant has breached the lease contract.

Yes, most lease agreements tend to be in Vietnamese and English.

No, normally the real agent can guide you to understand the local market practice.

Only an entity/commercial owned properties such as serviced apartments will be able to issue VAT invoice, whereas private landlords can only issue a tax receipt.

No, a security deposit is fixed until termination of the lease contract

You can pay in either currency. However by law, the lease agreement must showcase the rent amount  in VND