Cost of Living in Ho Chi Minh City

Many expats dine out often as it is not expensive. In fact, some would say it is cheaper to eat out than cook at home in Ho Chi Minh City.

The cost of accommodation in Ho Chi Minh City is a fraction of what it is in the United States or Europe.

The more expensive goods tend to be those that are imported and the more expensive prices tend to be found in the nice bars, restaurants and shops in the city centre or District 1. To save money, try to buy local produce from street vendors. This tends to be fresher than what is available at supermarkets and it is a great way to support the local economy.

Below is the chart for example

Cost of living in Ho Chi Minh City chart

(Note that prices may vary depending on location and service provider and the table below is based on average prices for September 2016)

 Accommodation (monthly rent)

Price (Estimated)

 Furnished one-bedroom apartment

 VND 12,000,000

 Unfurnished one-bedroom apartment

 VND 10,000,000

 Furnished two-bedroom apartment

 VND 20,000,000

 Unfurnished two-bedroom apartment

 VND 18,000,000


 Milk (1 litre)

 VND 35,000

 Dozen eggs

 VND 30,000

 Loaf of white bread

 VND 26,000

 Pack of chicken breasts (1kg)

 VND 90,000

 Pack of cigarettes (Marlboro)

 VND 26,000

 Eating out

 Big Mac Meal

 VND 87,000


 VND 50,000

 Local beer

 VND 25,000

 Three course meal at a mid-range restaurant

 VND 400,000


 Mobile call rate (per minute – mobile to mobile) 

 VND 1,700

 Internet (Uncapped ADSL or Cable – average per month) 

 VND 350,000

 Electricity (average per month for standard household)

 VND 800,000

 Hourly rate for domestic cleaner

 VND 60,000

 Transport and driving

 City centre bus fare

 VND 12,000

 Taxi (rate per km)

 VND 14,000

 Petrol (per litre) 

 VND 16,935